I was having problems staying online. Most times I would only be on for a few minutes before being disconnected. This could go on for 5 or 6 times if not longer and finally I would be able to stay online for hours if wanted. This did not happen every time I connected. I was blaming Ihug as was everyone else. I then followed, the thread below that John Grieve posted regarding security.


This web site found my PC reasonably secure and I followed through and downloaded a free firewall called ZoneAlarm. Now I don?t know much about Firewalls but ZoneAlarm is coming up with ports being accessed at different times. Sometimes this is random and might get 1 or 2 a session ( I assume that most of these are normal?). Other times I get heaps and last night as soon as I connected, I was bombarded presumably trying to knock me off line.
Know back to where I started and the question. As I know very little about this activity could my connection problem have been these pings etc that ZoneAlarm is picking up? Is this just usual internet traffic and it is worse at curtain times? Can anybody suggest a site where I can learn more about it? Of course ZoneAlarm was free so it could be a piece of S#&% and it?s just reporting things just to make itself look worth while. In saying that I have not had any problems staying online since ZoneAlarm was installed.