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    I'm using windows 98 se .200mhz k6 with 64 edo ram.I went to the virtual setting in control panel to manually choose E drive as my drive for swap file and i've set it as 600mb.
    From time to time windows would make another swap file in C drive.and the swap file in C drive is 600mb also.Whats happening?

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    i have already forget how it looks like under win9x.
    but in you have to set your swap file on C drive to 0 by your hand.
    on win2000 or xp or 2003, set a swap file on other drive doesn't mean delete the file on c drive

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    Time to time windows makes a another swap file.Now i have one in c drive which is 600mb and one in d drive which is 600mb.I set the virtual memory setting to D drive.How come it made another swap file?

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