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    Default Scanning and Emailing my CV

    I have purchased a new puter with no microsoft word just microsoft works I have scanned in my cv one page at a time, how am I able to email it so that whoever the receiver is can open it without any problems no one can open it and I cant fiqure out how to get the all the separate pages into one document.
    thanks for any assistance given

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    Default Re: Scanning and Emailing my CV

    copy and paste your cv in one document then save that as a word 6 file,
    file.. save as select from document type word 6.

    That may help a safer bet is rtf (rich text file) though almost all word processors can open that file type or download openoffice ( I think the latest pcworld disk has it on if I remember correctly)

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    Jen C

    Default Re: Scanning and Emailing my CV

    Having your CV as a series of page images embedded into a Word Doc is not a professional look (it will also make the file size too big). What format do you have your current CV in (the one you produced the scanned images from)?

    If you only have a printed CV with no original file, then you really should redo the whole CV by typing it up using MS Works Word program. It will save the document in the standard .doc format, or as already suggested, as a .rtf format.

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    sam m

    Default Re: Scanning and Emailing my CV

    Why not (depending on the recipient this may or may not be a problem) send the documents as a PDF file. At least this way they can view your CV in the format that you intended. I have used PDF995 successfully for a similar sort of thing in the past.

    sam m

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    Default Re: Scanning and Emailing my CV

    Sorry it seems I presumed too much,I thought you may have scanned that cv in using a ocr program, but rereading your post it seems you have scaned those pages as a image. I would retype the cv in works and save it as Word 6 doc. Or as some one else suggested convert it into pdf. But this will mean retyping also. There are some free utilities on the web that will allow you to do that. Some have imbed water marks on the document, (until you register the program) some are tricky to set up.
    Personally I would retype and save as a word 6 doc at least then you have the ability to edit the cv when you need to.

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