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    Default Video card output..?

    If you have a *decent* video card.. A GeForceFX Ti5200 TV Out, DVI Out, AGP8x, 128Mb for example.

    Is the output of the 'DVI Out' and 'VGA Out' equal, is one *better* than the other?

    If the 'DVI Out' is *better* then would using a 'DVI-to-VGA' adpater make that the *better* option to plug in your ordinary-everyday-monitor, instead of using the built-in 'VGA Out'..?

    Or, does it not matter?

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    Default Re: Video card output..?

    DVI is better, if you use a monitor with DVI input, and a DVI-DVI cable.

    If you convert DVI to analogue then you have converted it to VGA output, same as the on-board VGA. I doubt that any difference between VGA and (DVI-->VGA) would be seen.
    If there is any bias, its likely the on-board VGA would be better than an adapter derived VGA, but thats speculation not fact.

    The difference between real DVI and VGA is noticeable but you need a good monitor before you will see any difference.
    I use an LCD with DVI input and its certainly slightly better on DVI.

    As a CRT based monitor is by nature an analogue device (whereas an LCD is digital) I doubt much difference would be seen even if the CRT was equipped with DVI in?

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