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    Default Slow Internet using Internet Connection Sharing

    I have a cable connection via Paradise and TelstraClear. My speed is 256K and I'm very happy with the connection from my machine. My kids have PCs connected to mine using TCP/IP and share my internet connection using ICS. They both run XP Home and I'm using Windows 2000 Professional.

    My problem is that when I first installed the OS on my machine, their connection to the Internet was as fast as mine. At some point, something I do causes their connection to slow down to the point where some sites are unuseable because of timeouts. Several times I've reloaded the OS and attempted to find what process it is that causes the problem but so far with no success. It seems to run OK for a while and then I get the message that it's gone slow again. I've tried shutting down all the things like the firewall (Zone Alarm Pro), virus checker and all the other TSRs I have on my machine but it doesn't appear to be them.

    My latest suspicion is that it may be connected with running a program that was supposed to set my various settings to optimise my Internet connection. Perhaps that's set something that screws up the ICS? Rather than reload the OS again, would anyone know anything I could try that may affect the speed of the connected machines? It doesn't seem to affect the ordinary network connection to my machine which is why I think it may be something to do with my Internet settings.

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    I had a similar setup to yours for quite a period. I used Sygate gate-way programme on the server.

    Initially, I think it all worked well. But either I became more critical or something changed; but in the end I had to accept that it just didn't work. Sygate fell over regularly. It wouldn't connect at times. And when all went well, the connection speed bewteen the clients and the server was about 3MB/sec. Not really noticable on the internet connection but useless when transfering large files between the client and the server (using 10/100 network cards).

    In the end, I fixed the problem by buying a Netgear RP614 router (about $160). No problems at all! Everthng goes full speed!

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    Default Re: Slow Internet using Internet Connection Sharing

    I have to admit to being a novice about networking. I'm not using any additional software - I simply use PTP networking and the built-in ICS that comes with Windows to share the connection. When I first get things set up, it appears to run as fast over the connected machines as it does on mine. Then at some point it suddenly goes slow. Unfortunately my kids have not been the greatest at telling me when it goes slow so it is hard for me to put a finger on what I've done that might account for it. However, most recently the only thing I can think of that might account for it is running a script that mucked about with MTU, etc. with the intention of optimising my connection over cable. Perhaps that's done something that is incompatible with ICS. Unfortunately I wouldn't know what it has done in order to be able to reverse it.

    I have a vague idea what a router is. I'm using a hub to connect my machines and the cable modem is connected to my machine using a second networking card. I think that a router contains a lot more intelligence than a hub - is that right? Does it mean that I can connect the cable modem to the router instead of having to have it connected to one of my machine? If so, I'm a bit mystified about how I could set all the networking information for the cable modem connection that I have to do on my machine. Does the router have some kind of interface or can you set it's port settings from one of the connected machines? Will it work with a PTP network or will I require a server?

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    Default Re: Slow Internet using Internet Connection Sharing

    This is a case, of I'm afraid of the blind leading the blind.

    I could not get ICS to work which is why I went to Sygate. There was plenty of info on sharing a telephone connection, but not a cable connection so I was interested to see thagt you had managed it.

    Hub: You connect all you computers to it. Whenever you send a message to another computer, the hub broadcasts that message to everything that is connected to the hub. With lots of computers connected and lots of traffic, a hub will go very slow. If you also connect your cable modem to it, then all traffic also goes down the internet.

    Switch: An upgraded hub This time, messages only get sent to the computer that it is intended for.

    Router: Same as a switch but has a specific connection for a cable modem and telephone connection.

    Before buying a modem, I was using an internal hub/switch card in one of my PC's and that PC acted a a server. My problem was probably a conflict between this card and the network card I had connectedto the cable modem.

    Now to set up the router, you simply connect all computers to the router. Connect the cable modem to the specified plug. The router has an IP address so you can talk to it via your web browser. When yoiu enter the routers's IP address, a web page with set up info requried appears. Enter all details for your ISP. Set all computers to "obtain IP address automatically" and that is all there is to it. Couldn't be more simple. And you get a fire-wall thrown in.

    All of your computers are now clients though of course one or more may be acting as a file server. You only need to turn on one computer, in fact any one, in order to connect to the internet.

    Have a look at Netgear's website. They have the complete router manual which you can download. Tells you all about setup of the router.

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    Default Re: Slow Internet using Internet Connection Sharing

    Thanks for the very clear explanation. I wouldn't say it was the blind leading the blind as you seem to know a reasonable amount about it. Perhaps the partially-sighted leading the blind? B-)

    I didn't have any trouble getting ICS working with the Cable modem. I have two network cards in my machine with ICS enabled on the one connected to the Internet and the other with a fixed IP address of Apart from having to set the one with the modem attached to the values Paradise gave me, most of the set-up was automatic. Normally it works fine but something I'm loading screws it up.

    Using the router sounds like the ticket as it is annoying having to switch my machine on to connect one of the others. I'll follow your advice and check Netgears site.

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    Wayne H

    Default Re: Slow Internet using Internet Connection Sharing

    Max MTU affects ALL TCP/IP network Settings not just the internet.
    so you have to reset that. Something about 1500 from memory using Win98.

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    Default Re: Slow Internet using Internet Connection Sharing

    Thanks. I've decided to go the router route which means that the settings on my machine won't affect the others. At least it won't as long as I can get the cable modem connected to the router OK!

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