I'm glad I didn't pay for the domain or webspace, as I'm using space provided by my mate who is paying for the domain and webhost but I've just about had enough from messing around with it.

The host provides PHP and ODBC and now just recently has provided MySQL which I asked them 6 months for from their support page which they instantly closed with an email asking how I'd like to have it setup, so I tell them and they didn't do a thing about it. So I should have dropped it then, but I thought well they provided ODBC so I thought lets see what I can do with MS Access.

I rewrote my scripts to work with MS Access apart from a problem with creating a similar feature to mysql_insert_id in ODBC commands. So I'll have to work around this.

The problem I was having was using the mail() function in php, it would only send to localhost addresses (the domain or localhost). So I thought I'd try another alternative, so I telnetted to the server on port 25, noticed it had SMTP, I then did all the SMTP commands and bingo it sent an email outside the domain. So after work I worked on a script to connect to telnet using fsockopen(), I finished the script, I tried it out and it didn't work, I looked over my script seeing if I had any mistakes, couldn't find anything out of the ordinary, so I opened up telnet, filled in the commands typed in RCTP TO:myemail@hotmail.com, I got a 550 not a local host hotmail.com, or gateway. They have messed around with the server, and the script I spent ages working on is now useles.

I've tried mail() function no use, I tried fsockopen() no use, all I want to do is be able to send an email from that domain back to the person who fills their email address in at the form, whenever I am close, they people who admin the server stop me in my tracks, I don't know why my mate bothers with them, although he gets me to do his scripts, and he doesn't mind using his own pop3 accounts he can create off his domain, but I've told him he doesn't have the ability to have autoresponders.

I think I created a script in Perl although I'm not use to Blat's commands and I am sure that never worked either.

Is there any other methods? I thought maybe scanning the internet for an open smtp server that can be used, but I don't want to be accused of spamming or abusing their server, that way if I used my mate's domain, we shouldn't be accused of spamming because people required this information being emailed back to them.

This host dropped Linux a year ago, and that's when my mate joined them, I told them he should have got linux but he just didn't know.

Well it's a Friday, I just had to let this steam out, but if you know of any other alternative methods to sending email, maybe a PHP script that can use blat would help, I know they've got blat, but blat isn't really SMTP imo.