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    Steve Askew

    Default Win XP/ME dual boot often fails to boot.

    Hi all, My neighbour has one of those famous PC Company computers ;-(
    Its an amd Atholon 1400Mhz,512mb ram,40Gb Hdd with win ME & Windows XP Home edition.

    The Hdd has been partitioned into C: & D:
    windows me was installed first on the C: partition & Win XP Home edition was installed secondly on the D: partition.

    The problem is when it gets to the Bootloader screen & you press enter to boot into Win XP, XP won't load & you are left staring at a black screen.
    The only way to get XP to load is by pressing the reset button & pressing enter when bootloader comes up, You can do this up to 20 times before Win XP eventually loads.
    I'm not sure if he has any problems getting into Win ME as I don't think he can be bothered with it.
    He has reinstalled Win XP & problem still exists & a 2nd new problem has developed,
    In The new connection wizard The option to setup internet connect with "dialup modem" & "connect using broadband connection that requires a username password " is greyed out & the only option left is "connect using a broadband connection that is always on".
    He doesn't have broad band :-(
    I can see the modem in device manager & running diagnostics shows that the computer is talking to the modem.
    In device manager there is no Dial up networking & I have no idea how to install it as it is not listed in "add/remove windows components"

    Any help or suggestions are welcomed

    Cheers steve

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    Steve Askew

    Default Re: Win XP/ME dual boot often fails to boot.

    I have solved the dial up problem by reinstalling Service pack 1a (SP1 was installed before he reinstalled XP)
    & also it has solved the Bootloader problem which has been going on for several months.

    Cheers Steve

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