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    Default 3d drawing/designing

    a friend wants to put his creative mind to use...

    he wants some sort of program that can draw/design 3d stuff...
    anything from a small lightshade right thru to a design of the world trade centre...

    hes very good with pen and paper but he wants to try and use computer version of "pen and paper" to stay with the advances of technology...

    i know i been here with asking for house drawing but i had no luck finding nefing..but yeah this request is for a m8...

    so hope someone can help....if its free perfect if there a demo around for him 2 try...(links would be really appreciated)


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    Default Re: 3d drawing/designing

    I have a few progs on cdr but they are not easy to use very time intesive

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    Default Re: 3d drawing/designing

    Try anim8or, its freeware, and its pretty good. It has a few tutorials for use.
    Otherwise if your friend is rich he could get 3D studio max, but only if he has a few thousand to spare...

    3D animation is not easy, infact it is incredibly time consuming and (from experience) can lead you to pull all nighters to make something perfect.... oh well, back to C++ for me

    - David

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    the highlander

    Default Re: 3d drawing/designing

    Truespace 3 is available as a legal free download at this address

    A manual is also available for download.
    Not in the same class as max but good for beginners and capable of basic modeling and very good output in 3d rendering. Runs on basically any pentium II/ amd k6 and up and 64 megs ram but loves lots more.

    There is also a demo download of maya that enables you to model and render but not to export and I believe it has no time limitations. VERY steep learning curve on that one but hugely capable.

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