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    Default NTI CD maker / CD Wave Editor / Windows Media Player 9

    1) I downloaded NTI CD Maker yesterday, and it would be just great - if I could make it work! I want to burn .wav files (gathered during audio-tape to CD project, using CD Wave Editor). The trouble is, NTI CD Maker tells me that the format is not recognised but that it does recognise .wav files - as far as I can make out, the files I have saved using CD Wave Editor already ARE .wav of the supposedly-acceptable type.

    2) CD Wave Editor has never worked properly for me - by trial and error I've made it serve my purposes, but some features just don't work (eg all menu buttons except 'play' 'record' and 'stop', or any of the keyboard shortcuts). Has anybody else had this trouble, and can you offer any suggestions?

    3) a third problem, possibly related to #2, is that Media Player 9 crashes every so often, usually when I try to play a file.

    I'm using XP Home and have had absolutely no problems with any other programs - and until now, it has NEVER crashed.

    Any help very gratefully received.

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    Susan B

    Default Re: NTI CD maker / CD Wave Editor / Windows Media Player 9

    I have used CD Wave Editor with Win XP Home very successfully with no problems at all. It has been updated a few times since I got my version though. If you want to try the older version that I have you can get it from here.

    As to your other problems, I have no idea about those, sorry. After I made my .wav files from old audio tapes I burnt them to CD using my CD writer's software, Nero.

    My preferred music player is Foobar 2000 or WinAmp 2.91 rather than Media Player - you may like to give them a try.

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    Default Re: NTI CD maker / CD Wave Editor / Windows Media Player 9

    Thanks for your response, Susan. The only version of CD Wave Editor I'm using at the moment is the unregistered (trial) version - I don't want to buy it while it's still not working properly. I'm not using my home computer right now so I can't check but I think it's version 7. However the Help says there's no difference between the unregistered and registered versions, so presumably that's not the problem.

    I may give Nero a try - the reason I had the other one was I downloaded a trial version from a magazine CD.

    I'm not that sold on Media Player either, so may try an alternative. Thanks again for your helpful comments.

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