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    We have 3 PC's each running W98SE. They are connected on a network via a DSE ADSL Ethernet Router XH7916. We however at this point do not have an ADSL subscription. We do have a 56k dial up connection with TelstraClear via modem on 1 of the PC's (this PC is connected to the router via the USB port - the other 2 PC's are connected via NIC's).

    The 3 PC's can network fine and share files and the printer, BUT how do you share the dial up connection. I have activated ICS on all machines, but the default settings seem to conflict with router default settings, especially around assigning IP addresses.

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    If the router isn't being used remove it. has a good howto using ICS. Or you could use a third party proxy-ssuch as winproxy, ppshare to share your internet connection

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