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    Default Laptop connecting to Internet

    Is this the Card that Telecom and Vodafone are charging $700

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    Default Re: Laptop connecting to Internet


    Thats a wireless LAN card. Cheap local networking option

    Telecom - Vodafone cards are a cellphone+modem in a card.

    Big difference

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    Default Re: Laptop connecting to Internet

    So do u reckon u could buy the card in America or would it be different technology - things appear so much cheaper in the States

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    Probably not. N America uses 1900hz band. NZ uses 900Hz. That's why u have single, dual and triple band cellphones. I doubt these cards are triband but u can always check.

    Between, I am not sure if u are after cellphone cards or the later GRPS Vodafone or CDMA Telecom Mobile Jetstream cards. All I can say is make sure u are getting the same product there as u get here..

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    Default Re: Laptop connecting to Internet

    U sure u want this Jetstream on cellphone? $5 per MB!!

    Telecom Mobile Jetstream

    Vodafone is priced similar
    Telecom Mobile Jetstream

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    Default Re: Laptop connecting to Internet

    These cards has their own antenna.

    Or u can get those cable solutions which tags onto the cellphone. Same thing basically.

    U seen that Telecom commercial with the New York music advert?? The guy sticks the card in the laptop and extend the antenna?? Yeah that thing ... Telecom has a plan ranging from 8c per 10KB traffic ($8 per MB), and plans which are cheaper per unit of data but u must pay a larger monthly fee of purchasing more MB's (prepurchase).

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