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    Default Suspect virus infection

    When I do a send/receive on Outlook Express, I see something outgoing even when there is nothing in my outbox. I use Norton antivirus with the latest definitions, and Spybot (also the latest version), and neither can pick up any nasties.
    My other problem is that Outlook 2000 stopped working - it gets as far as the splash screen, then just hangs. Have tried a search on Microsoft knowledge base without success.
    Am I going to have to do a re-format, or does someone know some tricks?

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    Default Re: Suspect virus infection

    Try an online scan.... This one can help clear the nasties, if you have any!


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    Default Re: Suspect virus infection

    Thanks Lohsing, tried the Trend program, but it didn't turn up anything either. Considering I have been running Win 98 for 3 years, probably time I blew it away and re-formatted. Good excuse to get a bigger hard drive at the same time.
    Just a little worried there is something out there that the anti-virus companies haven't caught up with yet.
    Might try the latest version of Ad-aware just to be sure.
    Thanks again

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    Default Re: Suspect virus infection

    I am sure I saw another post with a problem like this (the outbox) not that long ago. I think it had something to do with Nortons but am not positive about that. Try a search on the forum and you might find it.

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