I wrote a couple of weeks back with problems with Windows 98.Although the system seems to have been working OK I have now had another problem develop.I first noticed the problem when I was using a Microsoft game which runs under Direct X (Close Combat 2). I got the blue screen with the words:
'A fatal exception OE has occurred at 0028:C008063D in VXD SYMEvent (02) +00003FD9. The current application will be terminated.'(For some reason Norton CrashGuard isn't detecting the crash) At the same time this occurs the whole system seems sluggish and the CD-Rom doesn't always respond. Even opening a 'read-me' file is enough to generate the blue screen message when the problem is evident.When it is evident the system tends to hang when I try to restart (no splash screen).Sometimes restarting the system fixes the problem, other times it doesn't. When the restart does work, the game and the whole system works fine. I've also been able to generate the problem by simply changing the display to 16 colours, which has also made it crash.I have only recently reinstalled Close Combat so the system may have had the problem all along without me noticing it. Believing it was a display or video adapter driver problem or conflict, I have installed the latest drivers and even tried older drivers without success.I have done the on-line Windows Update with apparently no other updated drivers needed. I have also tried the old Win95 Vga.drv and Vga.vxd files without success.
The only other thing I have noticed is that when the display is in 256 colour, the icons look washed out and the icons look best in 640x480 High Colour (16 bit).Device manager shows no conflicts but I have had to disable the wave/voice modem for lack of the proper driver.
I have a Pentium 133, 32MB RAM, 1.2GB H/D, S3 Virge 325 PCI video adapter,Yamaha Sound Card, Award BIOS.

Any thoughts?
Darryl Lennane