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    Default donald duck to vcd

    I have backed up my dads donald duck videos to computer (.avi)as you cant buy them any more.
    I want to put them on cd to play in the dvd.
    what is the best program to do that. I haved tried nero and they don't work in his dvd but it needs vcd 2.0.
    I have power producer and it works but i have to convert them to mpeg first before it works and it looses the quality heaps.
    any suggestions would be cool.
    i have ony a cd writer.

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    Default Re: donald duck to vcd

    I havent done this so cant recommend a program, but take a look at Look under the Convert or Guides menus.

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    Default Re: donald duck to vcd

    If you have them as avi files use TMPGEnc to convert the to vcd.

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    Default Re: donald duck to vcd

    I assumed you have a Video In on your display card to back up your Donald Duck video, I'm not sure what software came with your video card but mine have an option to select VCD format as one of the recording format. So check your display card software, you might have that option.

    Otherwise, if you have Nero, just choose to make a new VCD and drag your AVI file accross and it should convert it for you.

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    Default Re: donald duck to vcd

    I use TMPGEnc myself and its quite good giving u diff. options like sound sync, specific clipping and also it has the ability to read most .avi codecs thus lettin it convert to mpeg. U can convert to mpeg 2 but u may have to play around wit the resolution, or else the final product can end up being squashed or pulled wider.


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    Default Re: donald duck to vcd

    oh no.

    When you convert to mpeg2 do not alter the resolution,Tmpgnc encodes it to the exact standerd that your dvd player is expecting.It looks wrong when viewed with most media players but when run through something like powerdvd it is displayed correctly.

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