Am helping a friend of a friend. Unfortunately I can only do this during my lunch break. Last week, had a quick look at her PC. Win2K pro with Office2K, Norton System Works - ie antivirus but not firewall.

She thought she had the Blaster worm because her PC keeps generating GPF errors. She is on dialup btw.

I had a quick look and msblaster.exe is not active. But explorer is running at 30% all the time. Brought up explorer and it had a "Hotbar" toolbar on with the message "Installing now...."

I tried to uninstall hotbar from Control panel, but the Add/Remove program is screwed (blank screen). So I hop on the internet and found a utility to manually uninstall hotbar. Did that and the Hotbar toolbar is gone. But the GPF is still happening. The good news is the Add/Remove screen works now. The bad news is when I rebooted the PC, the Add/Remove screen is screwed again (blank screen).

Anyone has experience with Hotbar? What do I need to know about this piece of ad/spyware before I make another lunch time trip this week? Or could it be something else is locking the Add/Remove function (a virus?).

I will be installing ZoneAlarm on her PC to give her some firewall protection.