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    I am planning on purchasing my parents a new PC/ Laptop when I come to NZ in 3 weeks. Where are the best deals to be had in the country? Or at least the best specification and value? Thanks

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    Noel Leemings had a very good deal on an HP Laptop, 2.2 GHz Mobile Celeron, 256 MB ram, 30 GB HDD etc. $2,000 + GST.

    Probably getting scarce now though, they sold well.

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    Default Re: New PCs/ Laptops have great packages-I just bought a new computer for $1300!! and are very pleased with it.

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    John H

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    If you settle on a laptop and are going to be in ChCh, check out The Laptop Company in Washington Way.

    I got a good deal there on my Toshiba Satellite with good specs. Best deal around at the time. Their prices on their website are not always what you are offered when you approach them personally.


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