whenever I try to run a wav file one of the following messages appear on my screen

'your audio hardware cannot play file like the current file', or

'the file may be damaged or may use unrecognized compression format'

I have already tried deleting and reinstalling but the problem still exists. I have tried solving the problem with win 98 help but to no avail.

I have no problems playing music cd's or playing rmi file, it's only wav file that wont work

it did work fine intially I suspect I have changed a setting somewhere that has caused this problem.

Please Please Please Help Me.

I'm currently using Win 98 with a soundblaster souncard using Media Vision Pro Audio Deluxe/Prosonic/Jazz-16 Driver which was working fine. I also have Direct X installed. My computer is a Pentium 300a with 64MB of ram, 56K v90 modem and 4.3 gb HD.