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    Default Scanner won't work

    Hi All,
    My Canon D646uex has decided today not to work error message comes up Scan Gear CSU cannot communicate with scanner. Cable maybe disconnected. Check status, Scanner drive will be closed. I also checked in another software program that I have and got the following error message:
    U32 Scan. Twain error (TO9) in getting the 1st data source (TO21) Unable to find the Twain source manager (Twain D11) Please copy from the source disk to the windows file.Looked and this file is there!
    Can anyone help please

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    Greg S

    Default Re: Scanner won't work

    A guess would be that the scanner's Twain software has become corrupted. Maybe try reinstall it (usually it's in an included image manipulation programme). If not, download/install something like Polybyte's Polyview - a free image programme, although Irfanview is great too, just unsure whether it has Twain capabilities or not. Then do the Twain aquire from within one of those programmes.

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    Default Re: Scanner won't work

    Thanks Greg,
    Did as you suggested and reinstalled everything and all is well now

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