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    Default Email Date and Time

    When receiving Email, the date Sent is shown on the header of the email received. (I am using Outlook 2000)
    What Date and more importantly what time is shown, local time here in NZ, or the senders time?
    I receive emails from my daughter in USA and I need to know often when she sent the email when so that we can schedule phone calls etc.
    Example: If the email I receive states "Sent: Friday 25th July 2003 01:41" does this mean at 01:41 USA time, or 01:41 NZ time?

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    Default Re: Email Date and Time

    There are several dependencies:

    What e-mail client you are using:
    The accuracy of the time on the senders PC:
    The correct "location" setting on the senders PC:
    The options used on the servers of the ISPs:

    If you use the option to display full headers on the e-mail you will see several times displayed, as it is received by the servers and you should be able to determine just what your system is displaying.

    I use Eudora running under Windows, and my "received" time varies depending on the above, where everything is set correctly its local time here, but when its not it gets shifted. A sender with the wrong location set on their PC results in their e-mail being displayed as "received" hours different to the local time it was actually received.

    As most of these parameters are outside your control, simply ask that they show the time and date in an e-mail so you can prove the matter. It should be consistent each time.

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    Default Re: Email Date and Time

    Thanks for that.
    I kind of figured it would depend on all those factors.

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