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    I am running win 98 se and since windows was reinstalled earlier this year whenever I enter a new contact in my address book it places a shortcut on the desktop in the form of a "windows does not recognise this file type ". Also when copying my address book to a floppy as a backup it only copies as far as the "tees" and says it cannot create a file of this any files from there to the end of the list are refused to copy, has anyone encountered this problem before ? or does anyone have any bright ideas?

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    Susan B

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    When your Windows was "reinstalled" was that a "clean install" after a format or just installed over the top of the old version?

    Has your computer had all updates installed?

    What version of Internet Explorer are you using?

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    To my knowledge it was a clean reinstall done by the Manufacturer(the PC Company), I'm using IE 6 and yes all updates have been installed..I even did a reinstall of outlook express (over the top)

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    I am making some guesses here...

    The file Icon on your desktop, is the name just the "~" character?

    If so, your problem was caused by a Windows Update file with a bug.

    The ~ file is the backup file for your address book.
    The April patch for Outlook Express Q330994 created this problem.
    You can remove this update from the Add/Remove Programs and the problem will be gone. Or you can live with it and wait for the next Outlook update, which may or may not get rid of it.

    Not sure if this would cause the other problem, as I do not use Outlook Express and cannot verify.

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    Yes you are right with the file icon ~ and it's not really a problem just annoying I may have to live with it for the moment...the address book backup to floppy I forgot to mention is limited to 70 items and won't copy any more no matter what I do

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