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    Default IBM ThinkPad T23

    Does anyone have a Product Recovery disk for a IBM ThinkPad T23?

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    Default Re: IBM ThinkPad T23

    if they do not come with the original purchase, u have to pay for it, ~ $70 bucks or so .. yeah, i know - its unfair for something u already bought the license and it will only work with that unique model.

    i got mine by jumping up and loud. took in 3 months and uncountable emails to the US as well as to NZ. add snail mail to the list too.

    i took the hassle for getting something i believed which was rightfully mine, u could just install windows if u have a copy of yourself. my reason was that the hard drive failed, they replaced a hard drive with no windows X-(

    at the end i got win98se back. well i have it. i do not use it as i have my own win2k pro. but hey .. its mine and i have it.

    all the best.

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    Default Re: IBM ThinkPad T23

    I do have a recovery disk, but it is for a T22. I think it has NT4 on it.
    The ThinkPad I have has the license for Win98SE on the back of it, so I'm looking for the right disk to go with this license. Any chance of a copy?

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    Default Re: IBM ThinkPad T23

    if ur laptop has the win98se license, you should have a cdrom with win98se.

    why do u have a T22 disc??

    i have a X20. sorry bud. anyway, its illegal. try to argue ur way with big blue. what windows OS u want?

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    Default Re: IBM ThinkPad T23

    Thanks - RE T23 Win98SE recovery disk.
    I thought the right disk would be a common thing borrow.
    I want to load the 98SE version with all the original drivers.
    I'll go back to where I got the Laptop - it's probably just that they threw the wrong disk in with it. :-)

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    Default Re: IBM ThinkPad T23

    Good luck. Still on warranty?

    All drivers is available online. I am using my own win2k pro now with no issues ...


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