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    was considering buying a new modem. Any recommendations, and does anyone know if the dick smiths one with the intel chip is any good?

    I am running P4 1.5ghz, 512mb DDR Ram, Windows ME. Dunno if thats any use but better be safe than sorry
    Thanx in advance

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    A EXTERNAL MODEM 2nd hand is good ,look non

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    A Dynalink E-modem 1456VQE external modem is currently serving me well. It is a true hardware modem which are far superior to any internal "soft" modem. If you think you may dabble in Linux in the future you will have far less problems with a hardware modem than a soft one. Be aware that external USB modems are not true hardware modems.

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    righto,Seeing as everytime someone asks this everyone starts the old get a hardware modem line id like to ask a question or 2,hell,ill even answer my questions......

    What,are the advantages of a hardware modem?

    Do they speed up downloading?......................uh,no they dont

    Do they speed up surfing?......................uh,no they dont

    Are they more expensive?......uh,yes they are.


    what makes a software modem a "poor" choice?

    The general thinking that they place unneeded stress on a machine is bollucks,There impact is so close to non-exestint that it cant even be recorded,all user speeds are the same as a hardware modem,Machines bench the same whether they have a software or hardware modem,and a software modem is 25 bucks.

    Far superior?.....i ask you how? what way?....because people keep spitting that line out? it because they cost more? love to know.

    And i will convenitly ignore the linux refrence as that wasn't asked in the original question,although from what iv'e seen running winmodems in linux is close to simple nowadays...

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    Your points are very valid Metla and as I deem you to have had far more experience with computers than I have I will not argue. I will, however, say that over the past six months or so I have seen countless questions regarding problems with software modems and their drivers compared to none with hardware modems. And as far as the hardware modem speeding up downloading and/or surfing it was my experience that it most certainly did. Other people's mileage will vary, of course.

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    I have been using modems since 300 bps was fast (I started with 50 bps).

    56,000 bps would have been a pipe dream.
    I have written DOS interface programs in assembler code for 50 bps units.

    External Hardware (serial RS232) modems are a fully self contained modem, which is not dependent on the main PC CPU for any functionality.

    Its very true that CPU loading is not an issue these days with fast processors.

    Its all about reliability in an dynamic environment that is changing when any software is loaded, or hardware is changed on the PC.

    When a cheap "soft" modem/winmodem/PCI modem works correctly, there is no difference in performance between the two types, as stated.

    Add or change hardware, change software, Operating System etc and its often a different story.

    I have had to throw several PCI modems away when upgrading as they were simply not able to work under a new environment, one for which their chipset was not designed. Thats reasonable, as the maker had no knowledge of any new OS.

    Not so for hardware based serial RS232 modems, which will work on anything from DOS to Win XP, with either the original drivers or Windows default ones. (This trend may be coming to a halt if legacy RS232 ports are no longer included on new generation PCs?)

    And by the way, USB external modems are also "soft" modems with the added overhead of a USB interface.

    If I was buying a modem, and NEVER wanted to use it under any other configuration or operating system, then a good quality winmodem would be fine.
    Otherwise I would spend twice the money and get a modem I know would work across all the environments it may be needed.

    And thats what I did, and it has survived 2 Operating System changes.

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    And Tommy,Although looking back my posts tend to be a bit harsh,i wasn't trying to disprove your post,merely questioning the wide-spread belief that winmodems should be avoided.

    Imo they are fine...Just had a few rough spots in the transition from 98 to xp.

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    hardware modems tend to handle poor lines a lot better than most winmodems. on good lines theres no difference in speed.

    for gamers a softmodem usually causes a bit of lag. the gets really bad when you are running one of the latest games that is maxing out your pc. each time you get a bit of cpu hungry action the ping goes up. an varable ping is a pain to play with, it makes it hard to guess who much you have to compensate for the lag.

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