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    Default Windows XP and video sound

    Last week I installed Windows XP and there's one thing that I still haven't ironed out.

    When playing and video file the sound is distorted. The following is what I've done so far. I would appreciate any help.

    * Changed sound card (one isa one pci)
    * Checked for conflicts
    * Updated and rolled back drivers
    * Checked BIOS settings (as per creative website)
    * Tried varoius programmes to play video files - Media player, ultra player and Quicktime.
    * Installed SP1
    * Installed windows updates.

    The only thing that seemes to be constant is windows XP and searching isn't turning up anything I haven't done already.

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    Default Re: Windows XP and video sound

    whats the distortion sound like? (roughly)

    what codec is the players useing and dos it happen with ALL sounds or just avi's or mov's etc?

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    Default Re: Windows XP and video sound

    The distortion sounds like you're listening to it under water. It only happens with mpg, avi, mov etc - just video files

    The codecs are, from memory, the standard windows xp codecs. I won't be at that machine for another half hour.

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    Default Re: Windows XP and video sound

    why not capture the audio using NanDub and then filter it out and join it back to the orignal video.


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    Default Re: Windows XP and video sound

    Sound like it is the audio codecs are quite right for the movie files. Media player is still playing them but they aren't the right ones for the format. Get hold of G-Spot codec id program and use that on the movie file. It will tell you what codec the file is supposed to use then go get it. Or you could download the Nimo codec pack as that has most of the coedcs you'll ever need in it.

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