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    Default Laptops For Teachers

    Our school is looking into this "Laptop For teachers" scheme.
    We have to choose between Compaq/Hp or Toshiba - both have similar specs.
    Does any one have any experience with either brand that could give me feedback on what to choose?

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    Default Re: Laptops For Teachers

    Toshiba have been consistently good quality products for a long time.
    Compaq have had some excellent models and a few dogs.

    I would be hard pressed to say one was clearly better than the other without comparing actual models.

    I think you need to look at the models you are considering and compare them. Consider docking station options, available ports, maximum memory, and how standard the modules are for batteries/floppy/CDRom.


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    Jim B

    Default Re: Laptops For Teachers

    There are other options
    Check here

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    Default Re: Laptops For Teachers

    Oh, Jim, don't get me started.

    I've nothing against Macs, but surely students and teachers should use something that the kids are going to see when they come into the workforce? I know the Mac market share has increased but in the workplace it is still well below 10%.

    (The first three or four computers I bought were Apples, so I have tried them)

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    Default Re: Laptops For Teachers

    We would only consider a Windows PC, our school network and professional development is tailored to this.
    We used to have Apples and Macs many years ago and we are pleased to have made the change. Not an option now

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    Billy T

    Default Re: Laptops For Teachers

    Schools are a PC environment and in the interests of reliability and standardisation my local College opted for Toshibas with just a few Macs for specific purposes. Teachers could only elect Mac on presentation and acceptance of a "case stated", i.e. "I want a Mac" was not good enough.

    I agree with robo, regardless of the merits or demerits of either platform, teachers and students inhabit a PC world and that is what they need to use as their primary computing platform.

    Mac sellers and users make much of the interoperability between Macs and PCs, but that only matters to Mac users. When did you last see a PC advertisement boasting interoperability with Macs?

    I rest my case.


    Billy 8-{)
    [b][pre]Now, where did I put my WFTWE flame suit?:|

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    Jim B

    Default Re: Laptops For Teachers

    You can see anything on a Mac that you can see on a PC Robo

    There is a big difference between older Mac systems and Mac OS X as far as compatibility with PC systems.

    Those who move from Mac to PC or vise versa these days have very little trouble adapting to the differences.

    MS Office for OS X is regarded as better than the PC version and is fully compatible.

    Virtual PC on a Mac can run any PC programme if there is no Mac equivalant.

    ITunes and IPhoto IMovie are are better and easier to use than any similar PC product and just ideal for kids to use for projects.

    When joining the work force most people see something they have never seen before anyway and that is a specialized data base or program that is only used by that company and which they need training on. Whether they have been using a Mac or PC prior to this becomes irrelevant.

    They are also more likely to be using a non MS product than ever before. Examples of alternative web browsers, email programs, and even the use of Linux are becoming common.

    Running and using these different programs is basically the same regardless of the operating system in use.

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    Default Re: Laptops For Teachers

    Windows should be killed dead in its tracks and schools should focus on linux,pave the way for whats to come,an entire generation of kids schooled in linux worldwide would force the change over.

    Can't say im happy about my tax money being spent on Windows software,especially office,and i cant imagine any teacher needs anything but the lowest spec laptop currently on the market


    Was doing some free work for a struggling special school the other day,the head cheif came in to show me his new laptop,5 grands worth,which was to replace his 2 year old laptop that also cost 5 grand....nice.........

    Some other chump can go do there work from now on,Im choking in disgust.

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    Default Re: Laptops For Teachers

    Having used Both Compaq and Toshiba laptops I prefer the Toshiba one the most I like the look, functionality and upgradabilty of them Compaq are too ridgid and thier lack of support is quite noticable.

    Oh and BTW Billy T I have my Fire Extinguisher ready to put out the flames as they ignite around you, that is if I remembered to get it filled :-)

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    Billy T

    Default Re: Laptops For Teachers

    > Virtual PC on a Mac can run any PC programme if there
    > is no Mac equivalant.


    So where is Virtual Mac for PCs?:|

    Could it be there is no demand because PC users simply don't require such adaptations in a PC world?

    When the day comes that you can build your own Mac as easily as you can build a PC then Macs might make some headway. Of course that will never happen while Apple monopolises the marketplace. The "official" Mac clone business didn't last long, and I am not surprised!


    Billy 8-{)
    [b][pre]Quick Odin, find that extinguisher

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