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    Default Is this hard drive failing?

    Have a WD with a whopping 853MB storage capability. I have tried formatting it. But the trouble is, by the time it reaches 20% almost an hour and a half has passed by and the formatting process is slowing.

    Have tried "KillDisk", same thing.

    Scandisk takes a month of sundays aswell (at least)

    Thought about a low level format but dont think it would make any difference.

    Is this hard drive up for a demotion to a door stop?

    PS. This is from a 6 year olds computer so no major deal!

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    Default Re: Is this hard drive failing?

    Sounds like it is on its way out. You download the Western Digital HD utility program to run a full check on the drive but I think it is dying.

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    Default Re: Is this hard drive failing?

    I had the same problem with a western digital drive. I recommend formatting it with partiction magic boot disks! They helped alot, then deleting the partition using fdisk then creating a new partion with fdisk, then type format C: /where C: is your problem drive at the command prompt.

    >>From the 13 year old, Michael Murphy.

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    Graham L

    Default Re: Is this hard drive failing?

    A "low-level" format on an IDE drive doesn't do anything very thorough --- it just rewrites the headers and trailers on the sectors.

    Did a scandisk complain about bad areas?

    Format shouldn't take all that long ... try one of the many dist "test" programmes around. IBM give one away called a 'drive fitness test". WD do. Seagate do. ...There are lots more around ... Nortons?

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