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    I often hear Linux Mandrake Red Hat spoken about in virtually one breath.

    Could someone explain the subtle difference between them?

    Also, are they all fully compatible with Microsoft Office?



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    Easiest way to explain is that Linux is the operating system, like Windows is an operating system. Mandrake&Redhat etc are a variety like with windows , you get Win95 Win98 XP etc...
    Basically, the name Mandrake etc.. is just the maker of the system.
    As for Microsoft Office, there are equivelant products (some for free) that are designed for Linux but will work with Microsoft documents.
    You sound like you need to be better informed (no offense meant) before you take the plunge and move to Linux.
    Hope this helps, and I'm sure there will be others after me that will explain more.

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    Linux is the name of the kernel. Mandrake and Red Hat are distributions of Linux which include the kernel and a lot of other applications.

    Microsoft Office is not compatible with Linux as such, you may be able to run it under WINE (some emulator esque program). There is though which is nearly fully compatible with MS Office documents.

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    Thanks Phoenix and JM.
    Ill give it a miss for now.
    It took me from 1986 to 2003 to progress from DOS 3.1 to Win 98se!
    Talk about a slow learner!

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