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    Billy T

    Default OT: Two-line telephones

    Hi Team

    I run two phone lines into my office and have been using a Panasonic
    KX-T3120 phone for a number of years with great success. It has hands free speaker-phone, hold & conference call facilities plus all the usual amenities but sadly the keypad is starting to give up the ghost.

    I have looked around but can't see anything even remotely equivalent to replace it, in fact the only two-line phone I have seen is a Uniden cordless at DSE that I immediately bought for my wife's office. Unfortunately a portable would not be suitable for my office and so the search goes on.

    Does anybody know of a two line phone suitable for a serious SOHO where caller hold and conference calling are quite important. I could give up the conference facility but the ability to answer two calls simultaneously on one phone is a godsend when working alone.

    Alternatively, does anybody know a seller of quality phones out there who might have two-line models in stock?


    Billy 8-{)

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    Default Re: OT: Two-line telephones

    hey there, in regards to new phones our new system uses LG Aria phones and i think so far these are good. our local phone place supplied them.
    i would recomend them and as we have 2 incoming lines at this stage (i cant answer that many alone) plus a fax line these phones handle it well.

    mulitiple amount of lines, put on hold, and can add music if like, hands free speaker phone,
    speed dial 100 numbers, conference, message waiting, flash / recall, headset compatable. etc agents nz wide

    hope that helps


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    Billy T

    Default Re: OT: Two-line telephones

    Thanks beetle, but I am looking for a phone not a system.

    BTW, that is about the most difficult website I have ever tried to navigate (apart from Panasonic NZ).

    I have found some two line phones on the web but they are all off-shore. Doesn't seem like NZ'ers want to use two lines on one phone.


    Billy 8-{)

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    Default Re: OT: Two-line telephones

    i was not thinking along the system line....
    i was thinking a phone, do they not come seperatly?
    we bought ours as a package but all work together or seperatly independant of each other.
    they also run in conjuction with callista.

    but my understanding and my brochure makes it out as they sell every thing seperatly? but i could be wrong.

    sorry couldnt be of more help.


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    Peter Coleman

    Default Re: OT: Two-line telephones

    Unfortunately,Beetle, those phones(on the Aria) aresystem phones only.They cannot be used alone from the system,as it is the system that enables them to do all they do.
    To Billy,I don't know of anyone doing 2 line phones in NZ now.Telecom did them years ago for a little while,but after the first batch they gave up for some reason.I'll ask around and let you know if I hear anything.


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    Default Re: OT: Two-line telephones

    DSE have a corded 4 line phone ( F9223) but at a ridiculous price - $599 :|

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    Default Re: OT: Two-line telephones

    I'd be inclined to look at picking up a small PABX somewhere. Not sure how much they cost second hand though.

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    Default Re: OT: Two-line telephones

    This could be a PABX you could be interested in buying.

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    Default Re: OT: Two-line telephones

    >.................but sadly the keypad is starting to give up the ghost.

    What a pity it can't be repaired. If only you could get spare parts.

    I had a basic Uniden cordless phone, mod CT301, with a faulty keypad. I tried to fix it by cleaning the flexible pad contacts beneath the keys. Although some keys worked afterwards others refused to go at all so I gave up. I use it as a receive only now.

    I even tried punching bits out of an old calculator flexible pad and gluing them onto the appropriate keys of the phone pad but that didn't work either. ( I suppose that could be called "Cut and Paste" ) If one knew what the coating compound of the contact points was perhaps they could be recoated.

    As the pads seem to be a disposable part, due to the rate of wear, wouldn't you think that they could stock them as spares. Planned obsolesence I guess!


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    Billy T

    Default Re: OT: Two-line telephones


    I doubt that spares would be available since the phone was originally a private import (no tele permit) and a pabx would be over-kill.

    I just did a quick Google and found that similar Panasonic phones are available in the US for around $NZ100. It would be well worthwhile shipping one in, but I would like to hear from any experts out there (come in Peter) as to any pitfalls in using US phones.


    Billy 8-{)

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