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    does anyone know of a freeware program I can use to create a plan of my house that I can use for planning alterations to my home, so I can see if what I want to will work or is feasible. 3d if possible so I can look at it from all angles

    thank you


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    I found this post while checking back.
    It received no answers whatsoever.

    As I'm interested in the subject, I'm bumping it back - with hopes that something may have changed in the past 6 months?

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    Sorry fern

    I guess you may be surprised by this as a newb who got nowhere first time around...But now that you're having another pop with a new question, the good news is that sometimes topics come back.

    If you did find the answer to your question elsewhere, please give details

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    Jen C

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    Hi Laura

    The software you are looking for is called CAD (Computer Assisted Design). This thread mentioned some CAD programs which are trialware only. But you might be able to find an older version that is free or someone else might know of one.

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    Graham L

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    Have a look at and, Laura. There might be something you can use.

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    Just came across your posting which when I hit reply button tells me it is a month old.

    However on the off chance you are still looking for a programme for drawing house plans I have a CD from Netguide January issue which has what appear to be 4 programmes on it under the heading Home Improvements.

    Haven't tried any of them myself but my son found something of interest when he was planning on changing the kitchen in his home

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    Have just discovered how to find my way back to old postings. Thank you so much for the info as I had not found any in the interim.


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