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    Hi Group,
    I have a friend who has a pII with a 240 watt power supply - which has now blown up....they have purchased a 300 watt power supply in replacement....will this do any damage to any existing hardware and will they need to configure anything for the change

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    Provided there is physical compatability, such as plugs being identical etc, no problems should be found. If its an ATX supply then as long as the replacement is an ATX type for instance.

    The extra wattage is fine, just because the capacity is there and unused is not a problem in any sense. It simply means it is CAPABLE of delivering more current IF it needs to. It will not otherwise act any differently.

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    Graham L

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    It might have an extra connector which you haven't got a matching place on the motherboard. That would be the extra Pentium 4 supply. Since he's got a PII, he won't need it. It shouldn't matter.

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