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    Default SpoolSV.exe high CPU Usage

    I have a small office network consisting of a desktop (Windows 2k SP3) with shared HP 1005 printer attached, and two laptops (one Windows 2k SP3, one Windows XP SP1).

    Regularly when printing from the Windows XP laptop (to the shared printer attached to the desktop) the printing fails and the process SpoolSV.exe on the desktop will jump to 97% of the CPU usage. There is also a huge amount of network traffic going between the two computers when this happens.

    Stopping and restarting the spooler process (“net spooler stop” followed by “net spooler start” from a dos window) resets everything, the CPU goes back to 97% idle and the network traffic stops. You can manage to print a couple more pages and then it will do it again.

    It only ever happen when printing from the Windows XP Laptop. Printing from the Windows 2k Laptop works perfectly (until the XP Laptop screws everything up then nothing can print).

    I have tried:
    -downloading the latest printer drivers from HP.
    -deleting and reinstalling the printer drivers on both the desktop and the laptop (several times).
    -deleting the printer entries directly in the registry

    The network link appears to be working fine for file sharing between the two computers so I don’t think it is a network problem.

    Any suggestions?

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    Default Re: SpoolSV.exe high CPU Usage

    Try setting the driver to send to the printer driectly and not spool the jobs.

    Printer Properties -> Advanced -> Print Directly to Printer.

    I believe this model has 8MB of RAM, so should be sufficient for most documents.

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    Default Re: SpoolSV.exe high CPU Usage

    I can't select Print Directly to Printer without changing the "Print Processor", It just comes up with an error saying it can save the settings.

    The Print Processor (Printer Properties -> Advanced -> Print Processor screen) was set to IMFPrint / IMP so I changes it to IMFPrint / RAW and then set "Print Directly to Printer". Then it would print fine from the desktop but the printer sharing didn't seem to work.

    Options for the Print Processor are

    IMFPrint / RAW
    IMFPrint / IMP
    WINPrint / RAW
    WINPrint / NT EMF
    WINPrint / TEXT

    Can anyone explain what these options mean?

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    Default Re: SpoolSV.exe high CPU Usage

    It sounds like one of those Windows only Printers. A friend had one and it would not print from the command prompt, even the print nozzles were driven from Windows. OK for standalone, useless for sharing.

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    Default Re: SpoolSV.exe high CPU Usage

    Hey, when I do the ctrl+alt+delete mine says spoolSV.exe is using 98% of cpu.

    How do I stop it using so much as I still need printer stuff..

    ...and in english please, Im not up on the proper lingo


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