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Thread: Blank Screen.

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    Smithie 38

    Default Blank Screen.

    Hi everyone.

    I have a friend who took a tick out of the "Add and Remove" Accessories Programme which required a reboot.

    Now the computer will reboot as far as the final stages of opening Desk Top and the screen just goes blank.

    Everything else seems to go through the procedure correctly except to the final stage.

    What can be wrong, please?

    Thanks Smithie

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    Susan B

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    Heh, you left out one of the big essentials - what version of Windows??

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    Smithie 38

    Default Re: Blank Screen.

    Hi Susan

    As soon as I sent it I thought geez I have left that info out.

    His OS is 98SE.

    Sorry about that. :8)


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    is it possible to get into safe mode ?? press F8 on boot then select safe mode, then if poss go back to the add/remove and see what may have been unticked and retick, a strange thing..

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    Smithie 38

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    Hi turtle.

    He has just rung me saying that he has managed to get into safe mode but it says file rivaserv.dll not found. I tried to find it in my puter but it says no files found.

    Does this bit of info help to solve the problem. He said all he did was untick a box to allow audio (microphone) to be used on MSN which then required a reboot. After that the problem occurred.

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    Don't know what that file is, nothing found in Google even, he could try searching other places like Microsoft, how about doing a scandisk in safe mode, or even doing an sfc which is start, run then type sfc and see if it will replace files. Has he done an anti virus scan or even run Adaware ?

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    riva ... maybe related to the nvidia riva video card?

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    Smithie 38

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    Thanks for the replies to date.

    My mate has just let me know that he misread the file name "the letters were not clear when reading them in safe mode" and the missing file is rnaserv.dll. I have found that in Google so at least we have now made progress.

    He is hoping one of his young tech lads that he knows will call in this evening after work to get him up and running.

    At this stage dont worry any further we will repost if we want more help later.

    Again we appreciate your time


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