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    Default 2 Questions related to the internet.

    Hi guys

    Well, first question is...a friend of mine, he have just recently upgraded to Window XP Pro. The problem is that after he have upgraded he can't use his ADSL modem any more. From what I know, he said that he needs the drivers for it. But the drivers that he got only supports Window Me. I don't know what brand is the ADSL modem that he have, so that could be a problem... . So any suggestions? By the way, would XP CD have the drivers by any chance?

    And here's the second question, I've recently re-networked my 2 computer from scratch. And now my computer with the ip that ends in .2 can't seem to go on the net. Well, it can, it just that it won't/can't display any websites. It just shows that 'page cannot be find' or that 'no page to display' error. I used this faq FAQ42: How do I network my PC? . I followed this faq first time when I wanted to network my 2 PCs and it worked just now the comptuer with the ip .2 can't seem to display any web pages . Any suggestions? Both computer is using Win98Se and IE6. Everything that you see on the faq is what I've followed.

    Thanks alot ^^

    Jase Sen

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    Default Re: 2 Questions related to the internet.

    It sounds like he installed XP himself, so if the drivers were on the CD, and the "modem" (I use the term loosely, because anything like an ADSL router or whatever you use to connect to a broadband connection is not actually a modem in the true sense of a modem...) was plugged in and turned on during installation, then it would have installed the device.

    Following that, I read in a computing magazine that for the majority of devices, if there is no XP driver, you can get away with using a Windows 2000 driver. If that option is not available or doesn't work, my advice would then be to search on Google with the name or model number of the modem, followed by the words 'XP' and 'driver' - ie, "my brand of adsl modem xp driver".

    For your second question, do any of the computers have a firewall installed? If they do, I would reccommend uninstalling/removing the firewall, from both computers if necessary.

    Often, problems like this that were not present before can be caused by a firewall. I had a similar problem whereby after changing a piece of hardware (my mobo, maybe, cannot recall), and nothing else, I could only browse by entering IP addresses in, and resorted to using a public proxy. I was told to try uninstalling ZoneAlarm, but I was adamant that was not the source of the problem. Lo and behold, when I did remove ZoneAlarm, the problem went away! I now use Kerio Personal Firewall, because I hold it to be more secure, user friendly, and less unobtrusive.

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    Murray P

    Default Re: 2 Questions related to the internet.

    Try here for starters. Do you use ICS for sharing your connection? If yes (& I assume you use adsl not dialup via modem) try here.

    Find out what make and model of madem your friend is using. Look on the manufacturere site for XP drivers or within XP itself.

    Cheers Murray P

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    Default Re: 2 Questions related to the internet.

    To agent:

    Thanks for the advice for the ADSL problem. I think that might fix the problem.

    As for my internet problem, I do have a question...when I first networked the 2 computer, one had Zone Alarm and PC Cillin 2002(which is the computer that cannot go on the internet/view websites) and the other just had PC Cillin 2002. And I manage to get them networked and working smoothly(the AV and the firewall were both turned off when I networked them up). Both were able to share files, go on internet and print off each other. It is just recently I've received this error about my computer with the ip .1 was not logged on. So I decided to re-network the whole thing. Its only this time I had problems, I did everything exactly the same as last time. So I'm really confused about what went wrong. None of the firewall were on, not last time not this too nor are the Anti-virus scanner are on .

    I'll uninstall the AV and Zone Alarm just to make sure though ^^ . So I'll post the result some when tomorrow. Thanks again.

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    Default Re: 2 Questions related to the internet.

    To Murray P

    Thanks alot for the site


    Any more advices from any one will be great ^^

    Jase Sen

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    Default Re: 2 Questions related to the internet.

    Hey Guys...

    Well, I've tried uninstalling PC Cillin 2002 and Zone Alarm off that computer...and still I get that message . Any more suggestions?

    As for that friend of mine, well, his using a 56k modem not a ADSL (my mistake ). XP should have most 56K modem drivers, shouldn't it? He doesn't seem to know where he could find the brand of that modem, so I've decide to go to his house one day and find out then see what I can do . Just wanna thank for everyones help on that one ^^

    Any suggestions about what I can do to fix that internet problem? Could it be something to do with the proxy, maybe...?


    Jase Sen

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    Default Re: 2 Questions related to the internet.

    Any more suggestions? Could it be something to do with proxy thingy?

    Jase Sen

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