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    Murray P

    Default Can't open in a new window.

    Wn2k pro with sp3. IE 6 sp1, OE. I can no longer open IE windows by right clock and coosing Open In New Window. Nothing happens. I've also noticed that some links will not work, specifically at Samsung's site in the support section. I could only get to the CDWR firmware downloads by copying the link in the addess bar and going from there. Could be broken links and unrelated to the right click problem.

    I've been mucking around with different burning software and have dowlaoded and installed several to look at. I think this has got a bit much for the OS. Anyway after experiencing the above and some mixed up app pathes, registry entrys, etc, I did a repair of win2k, reinstalled IE and OE which seems to fixed all except the open in a new window problem.

    I'd really appreciate some ideas on this one.

    Cheers Murray P

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    Murray P

    Default Re: Can't open in a new window.

    One more thing. When a download finishes and the option to open the folder is selected when the download is complete, again, nothing happens. Is Eplorer.EXE the problem?

    Cheers Murray P

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    Default Re: Can't open in a new window.

    Did you repair IE though?

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    Jen C

    Default Re: Can't open in a new window.

    You may find this Microsoft Knowledge Base article helpful: You Cannot Open New Internet Explorer Window or Nothing Happens After You Click a Link

    This is also covered in this thread here - look at Jim B's second post.

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    Murray P

    Default Re: Can't open in a new window.

    I no longer have the option to repair IE. It dissapeared after an upgrade of IE or win2k (windows update) not sure exactly when or how just wasn't there anymore when I looked about a month ago.

    I've downloaded Mozilla Firebird. Nothing wrong with the windows in this little gem instantly likable browser, already got 1/2 doz themes and having a good play .

    Jen i've done all that jim has suggested in the thread in a slightly different way. Killed the cookies and applied defaults, etc, then replaced urlmon, etc, when I repaired windows. I will do it the way suggested tho because there's obviously a step I have missed.

    Thanks to you both. I like this Firebird so much I think I'll make it my default.

    Cheers Murray P

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    Murray P

    Default Re: Can't open in a new window.

    Nope didn't work. Some setting or broken file is not being replaced when IE was reinstalled earlier. I'll take a deep breath and hunt down every thing I can find re IE and and uninstall/delete it, then reinstall.

    Cheers Murray P

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