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    Rod ger

    Default F1 holding on to Logins

    Why is it F1 loses my login/reply to a post because I am a bit slow to respond. Sometimes I'll bookmark off to a site to check my info, come back, compose my massive missive of enlightenment, only to discover I'm not recognized as logged on and the only way I can dispense my pearls of wisdom is to cut, log in ag(p)ain, and paste,
    Using Opera 7.11(cookies enabled, throw away cookies on exit.)

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    Default Re: F1 holding on to Logins

    I think the forum does have a time limit for postings and the fact that you have throw away cookies on exit may be why you lose your login even though cookies are enabled.

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    Rod ger

    Default Re: F1 holding on to Logins

    Yes it's a bit ambigous. I always thought I would lose my cookies on exit from the Internet. but obviously, it probably means exit from the site! Thanks!

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