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Thread: Foppy wont work

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    Default Foppy wont work

    When i try and boot computer with windows startup disk in floppy drive i get this error message
    "Disk I/O Error"
    "Replace disk,then press any key"

    When i try an open the floppy drive i get this
    "A:/ is not accesible"
    "The system cannot read from the specified drive"

    The computer will boot into windows as long as there is not disk in the floppy,
    Is there any way i can get floppy to start.

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    Rod J

    Default Re: Foppy wont work

    Try checking the connections inside the computer related to the floppy drive, e.g. the flat ribbon cable and the power cable. Just make sure they are seated properly. It may be just a bad connection. Also check the settings in the System Properties, Device Manager (right mouse click on My Computer on the desktop). Is there any indication of a problem there? If there is still a problem it could be your floppy drive is history. A new drive is about $30 these days.

    Also, I'm assuming you've tried reading from several disks, otherwise it may just be a bad disk. Floppy disks are not that reliable.

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