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    IV been thinking about it for a year on now I know that I what to get Linux, I go to the web site that pc world said was a good site to download from so I click download Linux and then all this ftp stuff comes up can some one plz plz plz tell me where to download linux so i don't need a cd berner plz just for the hard drive!

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    What site are you downloading from??? Can you post the URL? Also do you have a download manger???

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    Also FTP means: File Transfer Protocol, which is how you download the files.

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    Even with an ADSL connection it takes nearly 2 days. I doubt if it could be done with dialup. Probably take about a week. Splash out $25.00 and get the 3 CD set from

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    You will find you will most likely need to burn to CD anyway, due to the fact that installation occurs out of an ISO - when burnt to a CD (properly) the ISO package is expanded and burnt to the CD. Think of it like a zip file - when you burn the file, it get's unzipped...
    There are limited installation methods as well for Linux - FTP Server (you'll need another machine on your network running an FTP Server for Linux to install from), CD or.. there is another one... I can guarantee it...
    Also Linux is a completely new system and therefore has it's own setup - You will not be able to install Linux from within Windows - which is why when you reboot your machine, it is installed then - as no other Operating System is running.
    Anyway, to cut a long story short, you would be better saving both bandwidth and CD's and just spend $20 to get a copy


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