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    Default Toshiba T2100CS laptop Bios damaged

    My ancient laptop will only display the following:

    BIOS is damaged! (Call your serviceman.)
    Serviceman: Place maintenance disk in drive and press any key when ready.

    I have tried downloading a couple of likely programmes from the toshiba site but no joy - presumably because I'm not the Serviceman.

    Does the Serviceman exist and if so will he please show himself??

    Any suggestions?

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    Graham L

    Default Re: Toshiba T2100CS laptop Bios damaged

    Can you boot a DOS disk on it? If you can, a programme called TSETUP.EXE (or .COM ... I wouldn't know ;-) ) might help. My 100 CS also has TDIAGS, but that doesn't do much. But it could be something worse than TSETUP can clean up. Most BIOS problems (like "forgetting" the settings) are user fixable, so your message looks bad. But I ran an even older Tandy laptop with a dead BIOS backup battery which booted to a DOS floppy, ran a batch file which ran the setup programme, then changed to the C: hard disk after the setup had found the hard disk.

    The "Serviceman" probably refers to the person who has been trained to service Toshiba laptops, and whose employer will happily charge you lots of money for his knowledge, and his special maintenance floppy. :-(

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