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    Default Network card trouble

    I've just bought two networks cards, and wanting to install them on a computer with windows Me, and a computer with windows 95. I've installed the network card on the machine running windows ME and seems to be working fine. I've installed the other network card on the other computer running windows 95, but i can't get it to detect the other computer. Also ever since i installed the network card, when i boot up windows 95 a new hardware is detected and asks for the PCI NETWORK CONTROLLER Driver. Windows can't find it and it is not on the disk which came with the network card. I've checked the network cable connection but there is nothing wrong. When i click on Network Neighbourhood/Entire Network a meessage appears saying:
    Unable to Browse network, The network is not accessible.
    I've run the network wizard from a floopy as windows Me Stated to do but does not help.

    Any Help Will Be Gratefull

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    Hi Oscar

    In terms of Windows Me, you don't have to do anything once you put the network card on that computer

    However, on Windows 95 or Windows 98, once you put the network card on the computer, u need to use those setup disk that they provided in order to get the network card to work.. yeah i know Windows 95 and Windows 98 doesn't have the correct driver itself, need to use setup disk...

    hope that helps

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    Default Re: Network card trouble

    But when i run the setup a error message cames up says: Windows can't find ikernel.exe the install shield engine for the install wizard so i can't run the setup for the network card once windows has booted. Am I surpose to run it from dos?

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    Default Re: Network card trouble

    have a look at the disks that came with the card there maybe a directory called 9x see if there is a setup.exe in there if so double click on it that then should setup the necessary drivers. even better the setup.exe maybe on the top level of disk one. I don't think you would need to run that from dos. once that setup.exe has run it may ask to reboot, do this, on reboot it will detect your new card and find those new drivers you have just installed.
    hope this works for you good luck

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