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    I am attempting a spreadsheet of income and expenses for the year using Ms Works Version 6.0 and am having trouble with a formula.
    I need one that will allow me to enter an Opening Balance as at 01 April, then let me add any deposits, and subtract any expenses in different columns on the same line
    Then if I click in the balance column I would like it to show the result as an updated current balance, and so on, for each succesive line

    Is this possible or am I expecting too much?
    Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: Spreadsheet formula

    In this example, col a = balance, col b-e = income, col f-m = expenses

    opening balance in a1
    formula for a2 =a1+sum(b2:e2)-sum(e2:m2)

    Copy the formula from a2 down as far as you need.

    Having giving you this, if you are needing it for business purposes I would recommend you get a specialist cashbook program like MYOB cashbook or Acclaim Cashbook Complete. I have seen a lot of attempts using spreadsheets, and they often end up being unusable by the accountant. If its not for business, the Acclaim product is free (has been on the PC World cd for some months).

    Those programs also have other features, like better reports and importing transactions electonically from internet banking.

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