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    Hi there everyone. A question

    I am on dial-up. Do I really need a firewall?

    If so, why-so. My tech advisor say's firewalls are only for the paranoid, and tend more to confuse than anything else. But as there is a lot of referalls to them on this site, thought I would try for a more informed opinion - if there is such a thing.

    If I need to install a firewall, is there any free ones (for private use) that can be recommended.

    Incidently I am using NAV2003 with if fully updated. and enabled.

    Regards, Walter

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    Yes and no. Depends on whats on your PC and whether you want to feel in control. Normally, for a trjoan or other program to be dropped onto your PC from the internet, the person has to know your IP address, (which your Internet provider auto allocates to you when you log on). As with dial up, you usually get a different IP address each time you log on. So chance of having a program dumped on you is low. But a lot of programs you download and install can contain trojans or more likely Spyware, diallers or hijackers. This is where firewalls come into their own for dial-up use. The firewall will tell you not only that someone from outside is trying to get in, but also, when a program is trying to get OUT from your computer, such as those nasties above.
    Firewalls MUST be used with Antivirus programs , they are complimentary to each other, not replacements for each other. They do different jobs.
    Recommended free firewalls that I have tried are ZoneAlarm and Kerio.
    Google search will find where to download from.

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    Jen C

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    Pheonix has explained well why you might want to use a firewall on a dial up computer.

    Here is the ZoneAlarm download site for the free version (not the Pro). It is also frequently available on various computer magazines CD cover disk (including PC World)

    The other free and easy to use firewall is Outpost, which I have used in the past and can recommend.

    I haven't tried Kerio, but I believe it is more suited to the advanced user.


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    >>the person has to know your IP address ..

    Not really - they use a scanner don't they? I have had BackOrifice downloading onto one of my Windows PCs and I'm sure they didn't "know" my IP address.

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    A scanner "pings" a range of IP address's and records those it receives a reply from. They then "know" your IP address.
    Sorry if I gave the impression they were looking for an individual. They don't care whose computer it is, long as they can utilise it for such things as DOS (Denial Of Service) attacks.

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    Greg S

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    Your tech guy is speaking through his backside. Liken it to leaving your house doors unlocked when you go out or at night. It's a fact that people DO get their PC's hacked and damaged and their private finances exploited, just as it is that houses do get burgled and peopled attacked at home. Just because it's against the odds that it'll happen to you, why take the chance!

    APC mag gave Kerio a greater rating than ZoneAlarm, but either will put you in a far safer position. Better still, invest in Norton's Internet Security.

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    I wish Steve Gibson would update his site with the latest ratings for various firewalls as on his present site ZA comes out tops but some of the newer firewalls aren't mentioned.

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