As I used to use OS/2, I have become frustrated at how Windows cannot associate 1 file type with 2 programs. (Eg. An image file, you want it to normally open in a simple little viewer, but when you right click on it you can select to make it open in Photoshop)

But I discovered, it can!
I just clicked on this a few minutes ago.

Open the file type editor thing (in a folder window, View->Options->File Types) and select the type from the list you want a multiple association for. (Say, GIF Image)

Click the 'Edit' button.

On the window that pops up, click the 'New' button.

In the 'Action' box, type in something like 'Open With Paint Shop Pro'

In the 'Application used to perform action' box type in something like 'C:\Program Files\Paint Shop Pro 5\Psp.exe' '%1' (Include the quote marks! If a file you open has a space charecter in it, Windows (And PSP) might get confused unless the filename has quote marks around it)

The '%1' is where Windows will insert the name of the file to be opened by PSP (Or whatever).

Click 'Ok' and the 'Close'

Now, right click on the file you want to use, choose 'Open With Painshop Pro'


Hopefully, you can see how this can be adapted to suit what you want to do.

If someone else has thought of this before, great. But I'm feeling proud of myself, as this has annoyed me for AGES..