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    Default Ggrrr: Factory Burn-In (Sounds serious)

    Okay, for the last month our comp has been doing a factory burn-in, what ever that is?

    When xp has finished shutting down, after it says "saving settings", etc, a red box used to appear saying "check signal cable" because the monitor was on but the power off. Instead of the red message a big white screen appears with red writing saying

    Factory Burn-In
    47.5khz 60hz <= this line changes, now says 31.5khz
    00-04-28 <= this line is some sort of timer?

    Now this message remains the entire time the computer is turned off, it can be left off overnight and when the monitor is switched back on before the power, this message still appears.

    Does anybody know what this is, and how to fix it? To me it sounds like a hardware/bios issue?

    Please help, because another family member is threatening to call up an expensive technician.

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    Jim B

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    Information on this thread

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    The easy fix - factory burn in message just means the monitor is in a different mode. can be tripped by power spikes etc. here is the fix: Unplug the vga cable from the PC. turn the monitor on to check if its showing factory burn in message. turn the monitor off, then hold the 2 arrow buttons down while turning the monitor back on. you should now see a please check signal cable message. turn you monitor off, plug the VGA cable back in and you are all go.
    ( Filched from another forum )

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    cheers man, that is a great relief!

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