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    J ZEP

    Default Win. Mess. upgrade changes?

    Hi all, I'm using xp pro with win. messenger and I got the upgrade notification about a week back, so I duly hit the upgrade and now have version 4.7 (4.7.2009). The thing is, i had it working quite satisfactory with my settings before the upgrade, as in, not logging in auto. at startup/connection and basically using it when i wanted and not letting it take over as it likes to do ;\ . I have checked my settings and they are all still intact everywhere including

    ?:| Symptoms/changes: it auto logs in on my connection, "but", does not show it is doing it by appearing in the sys. tray (whereas the icon would be in the sys. tray when it logged in like this prevous to upgrade). - and no, its not behind the hidden icons in sys. tray, it just doesn't appear there (the icon)? - so i am logged in but don't know it, as theres no icon?

    Also when i use the X to close when its open, it actually logs out and the icon then disappears from the sys. tray - whereas previously i would have to "sign out" and it would still stay in the sys. tray. In other words closing it ("X") does seem to close it now! but it didn't use to, it would still be in the sys. tray signed in but just closed off the screen? And i knew where i was at least, if the icon was in the sys. tray (i could see if it auto logged in or anything and my status etc...). I have looked in the sytem tray properties and it is ticked to "always show" - but it isn't doing this!!!!!!!

    Has anybody else noticed anything like this after the update/upgrade??
    I have looked at the win. mess K.B and done a google but haven't been able to find anything relating to it?

    Am i right in assuming there is no way to remove this latest patch?????
    I would be happy just to get it back to being in the sys. tray, so i know when it auto logs in at connection.

    I hope the discription of what its doing actually makes sense to you ;-)

    Any help or ideas appreciated :-)

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    Default Re: Win. Mess. upgrade changes?

    I don't suppose you use go back or any system restore utility?


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    Default Re: Win. Mess. upgrade changes?

    It's possible that you've set up a profile using it. Go into the User's option in Control Panel, click on your Username and then in the top left hand corner is a link to managing network passwords (usually MSN IDs) remove all including the passport one, this means you'll have to reenter your login details again for MSN but will remove the saved password.

    Norton Antivirus 2003 has been known to log you in, without you knowing, you might like to disable the MSN protection it's got.

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    J ZEP

    Default Re: Win. Mess. upgrade changes?

    Thanks Chris & Kame

    Well i am not sure if system restore would work cause of the way messenger is so intergrated into xp - anybody have any ideas on that? (If a restore point before the upgrade would return the program back to pre update state?) It didn't create an auto restore point like windows updates do.....

    >1Norton Antivirus 2003 has been known to log you in, without you knowing, you might like to disable the MSN protection it's got.

    Thanks for that tip Kame, excellent, i do use NAV 2003pro, so i disabled the msn protection and it "appears" that has stopped it logging in on startup;-), odd though as i have used NAV for months with that setting and never had problems with this till this update, like the update activated it somehow ?:|, just surprising it hasn't always done it. Anyway thanks K.K:-)

    Now if i can just work out how to keep the icon in the sys tray i will be reasonably happy, but i guess if i can be sure its not logging in auto now at startup/connection that won't be such a prob either :-)

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