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    Default Anyone had Problems with Case Windows

    I would just like to know if anyone has had problems with their 'individualizing-beige-box-killing' case windows. I read somewhere-might have been here-that the reason computers are made from the metal that they are, to keep in ElectroMagneticSomething-or-others (from your hard drive etc), and to keep it out, (like from monitors and stereos etc.).

    Has anyone had any problems with this, like stereo going a bit weird or anything?

    If this is true, sux for MAC users... their pc's are made from plastic! LOL!
    Maybe the (metal) beige box isn't so bad after all.

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    Default Re: Anyone had Problems with Case Windows

    i have no sides on my case,cant say ive ever witnessed my harddrive interfering with any other electrical systems...

    ....but i have no idea what they get upto when i kil the lights......

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