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    Default Setting up VSFTPD in RedHat 8

    Im working on getting FTP going.. easy way to transfer over the LAN I guess.. but Im getting ADSL soon and would like to be able to put up files for other users to download etc. and perhaps have uploads facilities for certain users.

    Ive got AnonFTP (I think), VSFTP, and ProFTP installed.

    I'd like to get VSFTP sussed out..
    Ive run redhat-config-services and enabled it in there, only enable it in one runlevel and it enables it in them all.
    That I can live with, but why does it not have the option to start, stop or restart?
    I enable it and reboot.. try to login as anonymous or josiah (My user) and I have no joy.

    Permission denied, make sure the network connection is something or rather..

    What do I need to do here?
    I wouldnt honestly have a clue where to begin?!



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    Default Re: Setting up VSFTPD in RedHat 8

    Okay, I was a little off, here's what it really gives me when I type in into IE:

    Windows cannot access this folder. Make sure you typed the file name correctly and that you have permission to access the folder.

    A connection with the server could not be established

    This is no matter what I run (Tried ProFTP, disabled it then tried rebooting after enabling VSFTP). This is RedHat 8 so VSFTPD must be run under XINETD.



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    Default Re: Setting up VSFTPD in RedHat 8

    Sounds like a firewall issue.

    login as root, open a terminal and type setup

    Select "Firewall Configuration"

    Under Security Level, select "High"

    Select "Customize"

    Under Trusted Devices, select "eth0" (or whatever device your internal network is on)

    Under Allow Incoming, select only the services you are running. For your example make sure "FTP" is selected.
    There is also a section labelled Other Ports where you can specify what other ports you would like to open up.

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    Default Re: Setting up VSFTPD in RedHat 8

    Im pretty sure I dont have a firewall setup at all on it!

    I disabled the main one during setup, and I didnt install any others.

    For now, ProFTP is working.. I can connect in an FTP Client on LocalHost, and also on the Gateway, I can use Phoenix to connect to ProFTP, but cannot connect within IE, even with a username and password specified?

    Seems odd?

    Anyways, for now Im gonna look into the issues with IE, and I'll look into any extra firewalls that may be setup!



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    Default Re: Setting up VSFTPD in RedHat 8

    I checked, and it said the firewall was set to high rules, but still, why would it work from the gateway in Phoenix and CuteFTP but not IE?

    Anyways.. I realised something rather frightening..
    I havent blocked them from going up a level and accessing my other files..
    Go up two levels and you're at my root folder, and Im in the poo coz there's my who HDD shared there, all 3 mounted plus my DVD....

    So Im off to look up how to stop that in ProFTP, but I still cant figure out why IE doesnt like it?
    I cant ask for outsiders help right now coz PortMapper isnt working for some reason..
    Trying to route port requests from 21 to but its not working

    Does anybody have another app that'll do what I want (Redirect all requests to port 21 from the Gateway to my PC on the LAN)?



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    Default Re: Setting up VSFTPD in RedHat 8

    Hey Chill, In RH 8.0 vsftpd runs under xinetd therefore you canít stop start etc. You have to stop/start xinetd. If you install v 9.0 it installs it correctly as a full stand alone service.

    You donít need to run any other ftp daemons, if youíre running vsftp. It will do both anon and secure connections. Have a look at the config files that I sent you, thereís example of both in there.

    Note to turn off firewalling disable ipchains and iptables with the service commands.

    Vsftpd can restrict users to there home dirs as well as let some roam. Be careful with these settings. Likewiese be vary carefull with anon access.

    Connections to FTP outside your router are very tricky! Do some research here on active and passive connections. Itís very hard to setup an FTP server inside a router using NAT because of the way that the secondary connections are made.


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    Default Re: Setting up VSFTPD in RedHat 8

    Oh with your IE problem. You say you can connect with other FTP clients. Can you connect and do a dir listing?

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    Default Re: Setting up VSFTPD in RedHat 8

    I cannot connect in IE at all, it comes up with that immediately before I can even do a DIR listing.

    I can connect fine CuteFTP and list the contents etc. and Phoenix does it fine also...
    Scary thing is CuteFTP can go up a dir as well, and ftp in Linux also connects and goes up a few dirs.

    I'll check the emails, and have a look :-)



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    Default Re: Setting up VSFTPD in RedHat 8

    Okay, cool, and I figured out that IE is thinking its a Website.. Online.. Internet.. and so Ive gotta be on the net to use IE.. stupid thing.

    Ive found the email with the vsftpd conf examples (Thanks), but how do I make a user that can go down folders into subdirectories (Ive made three or four links to other directories on the HDD) but not up above the /home folder?

    Also.. im wanting a user who can upload files/folders and create/edit those, but not in folders it hasnt made (So I could make a link to another folder and have the user only receive Read access to the contents of that folder).

    Thanks a lot :-)



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    Default Re: Setting up VSFTPD in RedHat 8

    Ok Chill, itís all explained in #man vsftpd.conf

    Hereís a summary below.

    # Uncomment this to allow local users to log in.

    # You may specify an explicit list of local users to chroot() to their home
    # directory. If chroot_local_user is YES, then this list becomes a list of
    # users to NOT chroot().

    # People that can browse the operating system

    # Block users in this list
    # /etc/vsftp.user_list

    If you use the setting above as I have then the following is true.

    People in this file can move out of their directories.

    Users that are allowed. Note: include anonymous and Anonymous if anon required.

    Now to create users that FTP into the different location you need to change the home dir in /etc/passwd. Thatís where theyíll FTP to.

    As far as having a user access the server adding/changing files etc, thatís easy give them write access to the folder. Then if you want directories that he/she can only read and not write, just give them read access and not write access. So youíd create a read only link or directory on the file system. Simple


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