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    sam m

    Default The language of ME to XP

    Hi all,
    I am trying to help family member instal upgrade version of XP over ME.
    Her current OS is ME oem. She has purchased upgrade version XP home. When we follow instal an error occurs :

    The language of this installation of windows differs from the one you are installing. The option to upgrade will not be available

    Logic would dictate that some sort of language setting within ME needs to be changed. I found two possible options. The first in Regional settings and the 2nd using msconfig and International Tab. I have changed them to all different english versions (nz, us,uk) but no go. A search at microsoft tell me the obvious.......the languages are different, duh.

    any ideas?

    also............ another error appears (immdediately after the above in bold)
    Setup cannot continue because upgrade functionality is disabled and your copy of windows XP only allows upgrades.

    a search for this reveal that XP upgrades will not work and you need to do full instal. The computer is compaq.

    What return options do we have as the CD has obviously been opened. it possible that I could use my XP full version but use the registration code that she has with her CD? (this is just a thought as a plan B, or is it C)


    sam m

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    Peter Cox

    Default Re: The language of ME to XP

    Hi sam m,
    Try this page it applies to win2000 but I imagine it holds true for xp also.
    HTH PC

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    Susan B

    Default Re: The language of ME to XP

    Where was the original Win ME OEM purchased and where was the Win XP upgrade purchased? Were they both bought in New Zealand?

    If so, I would be inclined to return the Win XP to where it was bought on the grounds that it does not "perform the function as advertised".

    It would be very tempting to just use your own disc to install but that may cause problems later on should the computer need reformatting and there is no disc available to enable a reinstall. Obtaining another copy further down the track will be extremely difficult, if at all possible. I would sort it out now if it were me.

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    Default Re: The language of ME to XP

    for your first problume:
    It sounds like you are going to have to reformat & start from scratch (Backup first )

    I think ( I am going to have a shot in the dark here) the problume is somthing to do with the setup of Win ME when it was at compaq getting setup.

    I might be wrong here.

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    Default Re: The language of ME to XP

    You gotta be careful when upgrading from Me to Xp. I tried it and the setup formatted my disk and I lost everything. I think I did it the wrong way though.

    Are you trying to upgrade it from inside windows itself or from dos? I think if you choose to upgrade while your in windows it won't erase anything.

    Try changing all your language settings to English US only.

    If the upgrade still won't work, try booting the computer from the Home cd and installing that way. (You will lose all your data). It should allow you to do that.

    If that still won't work because its an upgrade only product? then installing your copy of Xp Home and using the new product key should work. (again you are going to lose all the data).

    Any other ideas from anyone else?

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    sam m

    Default Re: The language of ME to XP

    thanks for replies,
    Peter - The link says the obvious....use the right language CD which we are of course. The registry work-a-round is not an option for us novices.

    Susan - Yeah both were NZ bought so this error was a surprise. We are going to exhaust all our avenues this weekend before going directly to microsoft nz. My idea about using my CD was an after thought which we havent really thought through yet and your point about future support is a good one. Could I not make a copy of mine for her to have? Also mine is XP pro - her upgrade CD is XP home.

    Stu - We are going to try the do a partial recovery of ME first in the hope of going back to default settings. Fingers crossed.

    PoWa - I did see an option for booting from the CD when I did a restart with the CD inserted. Something to the effect of "press any key to boot from CD" which we have not tried yet. I have warned her that this may lose data so she is doing a backup now in case we go down that track.
    As mentioned earlier mine is XP Pro, hers is upgrade XP home. I am starting to think that her code would not work with my CD.

    thanks again guys.....back to work

    sam m

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    Steve Askew

    Default Re: The language of ME to XP

    Hi Sam, If you want you can do a full fresh install using WinXP upgrade version.
    What I did was format my hard drive 1st using a WinME boot disc & then boot off the upgrade CD & during setup XP asked me to put my win9X/me disc in the cd-rom for confirmation of previous version.
    Unfortunately as I found out the upgrade version DOES NOT recognise recovery cd's supplied by Hewlett-Packard,Compaq etc.
    But lucky I had a Win95 cd lying round.
    My reason for clean install was to ged rid of all WinME & HP rubbish.
    I also believe you can boot off the cd & it will look at the OS on the hard drive for previous version conformation & then it will allow you the option to format the drive before installation commences.

    Hope this Helps
    Cheers Steve

    PS:your Full version cd wont work with an upgrade key :-(

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    sam m

    Default Re: The language of ME to XP

    thanks steve,
    followed the "boot from CD" process. It did ask for a system CD so managed to use my XP pro cd then carried on with theirs and just got the call to say that all is ok. Had done backup so looks like they are happy again.

    thanks to all who replied

    sam m

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