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    Default Internet Computer Stores

    hey all,

    was wanting to know what people out there would recommend as being the best place to buy computer hardware over the internet was from NZ. 'best' being low prices, wide range of selection etc. personal experiences with different outfits would also be appreciated.

    thanks for all ya ideas and suggestions

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    Default Re: Internet Computer Stores

    Try PriceSpy to get the relatively cheapest prices for parts and stuff...
    What part of NZ are you located in?


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    Big John

    Default Re: Internet Computer Stores

    Cheapest is not always best.

    Go with a place that gives you value for money which means that they not only give you what you want but also follow that u with good service in matters such as information requests, warrenty claims, and other stuff like that.

    Best I have found so far is Advantage Computers in Palmerston North.
    Even took stuff back that I had specified but had actually got the wrong stuff.

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    depends where in the country you are...

    StylesPC is a good all round retailer, chch based but has dealers countrywide...

    For wellington starlyte has a good reputation, I've had no problems with atech though...

    The best for wide range and service in my experience has been ascent.. not always the cheapest but since being listed on pricespy they've become a bit more competitive...

    The list goes on... each have their pros and cons, and everyone is going to promote their favourite retailer.. you gotta balance price, service and location in your decision...

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    PB Technologies have always been number one on my list, their located in Hamilton and Auckland.


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    Susan B

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    My personal experience with Ascent and HotChips have been excellent. Starlyte were also responsive but they did not have the items I wanted. TasTech are cheap and since they are local I got the majority of my parts from them but they are pretty bad at answering emails. If you wish to deal with them I advise using the telephone.

    Like someone else said, cheapest is not always the best, you get what you pay for.

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    John H

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    I only deal with Ascent now, and have found them responsive, on the ball, and quick to provide support if a product is found to be defective on delivery. The same cannot necessarily be said of their suppliers, but that will be a common problem no doubt with most internet computer stores that do not hold stocks of the goods they sell.

    Ascent's prices are usually competitive - only once have I seen their price for a particular product slightly higher than anyone else, and that was a local supplier who was specialling the product I wanted, when I wanted. How lucky is that?

    Ascent gives good personal service, in contrast to some others who either do not answer emails, or take forever to do so.


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    Default Re: Internet Computer Stores

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    Default Re: Internet Computer Stores

    I'll second that Muzzer.
    I recommend
    I purchase most of my pc parts from these guys, great service, friendly, fast, good warranty's, and most importantly, great prices.
    U'll see they've got teh best price for many parts at PriceSpy, and the ones that they don't have the best - they are usually only a few dollars behind.

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    Default Re: Internet Computer Stores

    qmb are an excellent shop,i went off them for awhile but there confirming of orders has been on the ball lately,managed to put a couple grands worth of orders thru the last couple weeks,all arrived in a very short space of time.One being an lcd moniter which arrived in perfect condition(as it shoud,i was just a bit worried)

    Single problem was a stick of defective ram,i rang them and they said they would replace it no questions asked....cant ask for much more then that.

    Others i have used and found very good....Inhouse computers in Palmy is where i go when in a rush,excellent store.Over the net ive purchased from Nodes,ETC,Hotchips,paradigm...and a number of others...all transactions were as good as could be hoped for.

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