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    Can anyone point me to a good way to "student" proof Win 98 so that access to control panel, my doc's etc is restricted to certain users



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    Ron Bakker

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    He He
    Sorry this is not solution but it reminds my of another thread where I was asking about different operating systems.
    One person posted that having win98 at a school pc was a big drama for that exact reason.
    This is not a very economic solution if you have to buy it but win 2000 has a lot more security options.

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    Checkout a free program called Iconlock from here,4149,608,00.asp

    You may need to use this in association with other systems eg policies and or programs such as Foolproof Security available from here:
    or here


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    You can try WinGuard Basic.
    Folder Guard Pro (Requires purchase after Trial, but I would recommend this the most)
    There's one or two others, but I cant quite remember them right now.

    Search Google for Download's of both, WinGuard Basic should do just the trick though :-)

    Hope this helps


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    Are students logging onto a central server? If so, that makes life easier.

    If it's a standalone machine, I know how to do it, but I'm not going to post it here for security reasons (some cunning student finding it and using it in reverse to get around it).

    If you are a school system administrator, please send me an email from your school's email address and I'll pass on some details. You will need to somehow prove to me that you're not some student who is trying to get around restrictions already in place.

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    Default Re: Desktop Lockdown

    err... emailing me when I haven't posted an email address might be a bit difficult

    Email me at:

    ypeih at

    (use of "at" instead of @ to prevent spam)

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