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    Happy Harry

    Default PC World F1 Start @ HOME

    Hi Guys

    Am I missing something. How do I get PRESS F1 to open on the first page i.e page 1, not the page that I was on the last time I logged out of F1, i.e. page 14,
    Not a big problem as hitting HOME at the bottom of the page takes me back, but I like to know these things once I've thought about them.
    The curses of an enquiring mind !!


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    Default Re: PC World F1 Start @ HOME

    What Browser do you have???

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    Happy Harry

    Default Re: PC World F1 Start @ HOME

    Sorry Guys
    Running XP Pro and IE 6

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    I assume you've set PressF1 to be your homepage then??
    It depends how you do it from there - if you were to click Start > Internet Explorer, then you would immediately see your homepage, but if you were to click File > New Window (or CTRL-N) then you will find that IE will open up on the page your currently viewing for convenience....
    Instead of clicking home - try pressing Alt-Home instead - it's a lot faster


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