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    John W

    Default Brother HomeFax machine - how to clean LEd scanning bar

    Can anyone tell me how to gain access to the scanning bat on a Brother homefax machine. Ive opened the unit but can find any screws to remove to give me access to the scanner.

    Anyone else been down her before?


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    Default Re: Brother HomeFax machine - how to clean LEd scanning bar

    Lift the cover and clean the white bar and glass with isopropyl alcohol and a lint free cloth. If you are still having problems, the helpdesk # is: 0800 111 329

    Have you tried a test transmission? Fax a A4 page of text to Telecom FaxRight help desk. It will diagnose your problem and report back 0800-108-208

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    John W

    Default Re: Brother HomeFax machine - how to clean LEd scanning bar

    Thanks, here is how i fixed the problem.
    Used a flat tip screwdriver to loosen off the 4 tabs securing the top plate, you see them as you open up the cover.

    Placed 2 small screwdrivers to give a bit of a gap between the 5mm pressure roller bar and the LED scanner glass, carefill here as you dont want to scratch the glass, so go to the extreme ends of the roller. The roller is under spring tension, but there enough play to get a 3mm or so screw driver in here.

    Didnt have Isoprop Alcohol, so used a little BrakeKlean spayed on to a rag, forced the rag between the pressure bar & glass, wiped it along the glass 2 - 3 times, blew gently on the glass to evapourate the solvent.

    Removed the screwdrivers, refit the coverplate, did a copy function, now comes out nice & clean.

    We had a Tech come down a few weeks back, carried out the same work (my fault sending a fax with wet vivid marker on it) and charged me $50 for 10 minutes work, works just across the road. He hid as much as possible what he was doing so I would be kept in the dark...

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